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Welcome to the features section of the Dragon Above, where you can find extra material to use with the Eberron Campaign Setting, from cinematic random encounters to the elite of the Bestiary pack.
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4th Edition Conversions
Grand History of Eberron
Close Encounters
Spider Lords
Bestiary Elite
Trolls of Eberron

4th Edition Conversions

This feature collects updates for the key elements of the Eberron setting to 4th Edition.

Paragon Path Pack I- Fifteen paragon paths ranging from the Bone Knight to the Thunder Guide.

Kalashtar - Racial statistics and feats for one of the few Eberron races yet to see official treatment.

Trolls of Eberron - Six troll variants to use in your 4E game, with two from each of the cultures detailed in the Trolls of Eberron feature.

Eneko - Racial statistics, feats and a paragon path for the mongrel ogres of Sarlona.

Legacy of the Six Kings - A complete write up for a Dhakaani artefact forged during the Daelkyr Wars.

Grand History of Eberron

Compiled by Chris Monte, this mammoth collection brings together hundreds of pages of Eberron lore along a timeline stretching millions of years.

PDF (6 MB)

Close Encounters

In this feature you can find short encounters suitable for any 3.5 Edition game set in Eberron. All encounters include a short introduction, combat rules, creature statistics, story ideas and even a map.

Ride of the Valaes Tairn (EL 7)- Defend the Lightning Rail from a Valenar war clan in this action packed encounter. Includes a map for Lightning Rail combat.

Rites of the Wicker Man (EL 12)- Silver Flame extremists animate a wicker man to purge the lands of innocent shifters. Includes a map for a mountain top shrine.

Spider Lords

This feature details an ancient organisation founded millenia ago in the Age of Demons, the Spider Lords of False Presage. This feature has been co-written by Simon 'Polt' Weil, and is presented in partnership with the Eberron Journal.

History - Learn about the history, aims and secrets of Eberron's most secretive organisation. Written by Simon 'Polt' Weil.

The White Spider - Learn about the White Spider of Adar, the benevolent watcher from the Sarlonan refuge. Written by Peter 'Trolls' Gingell.

The Vampire Lord - Learn about Araknos the Vampire Lord, the cunning undead warrior hidden in the jungles of Xen'drik. Written by Simon 'Polt' Weil.

The Veiled Fang - Learn about Dharvos, the spider of Sharn, and his sinister organisation, the Veiled Fang. Written by Peter 'Trolls' Gingell.

Metagame - Suggestions, tips and plot hooks to help you use the Spider Lords in your game. Written by Simon 'Polt' Weil.

Statistics - Find all the statistics you need to create your own spider lords right here. Written by Peter 'Trolls' Gingell.

4th Edition Conversions
The White Spider - 4th Edition statistics for the master of future sight. Written by Peter 'Trolls' Gingell.

Bestiary Elite

This feature introduces fully detailed NPCs created by advancing monsters from this website's 3e Bestiary. Each NPC includes standard NPC statistics, a background and attitudes towards player characters.

Lady Evelia ir'Larna (CR 11) - Female masque sorcerer 4/ranger 2 - Lady Evelia is a cunning masque dedicated to destroying the infamous changeling network known as the Tyrants.

Zorash'therak, the Decayed Divinity (CR 18)- Spellstiched, advanced, awakened gloamhaunt - Zorash'therak is a colossal undead rival to the Great Druid with a taste for vengence and decay.

The Sentinel Flame (CR 12)- Half-fire elemental fiendish greater living dragonmark of sentinel - The Sentinel Flame is a bitter, sentient living dragonmark born in the fires of Fernia and the Fist of Onatar, with a particular hatred for Mror dwarves.

Trolls of Eberron

This feature provides a wealth of information about the cultures and traditions of trolls in Khorvaire. Each article presents new rules and options for troll characters from each of the major cultures.

The Byeshk, Spiritual Savages - This first article gives a brief history of Khorvairian trollkind, and further details the tribes known as the Byeshk. These savage warriors are lead by shaman, and can be found in the Eldeen Reaches, Shadow Marches and Droaam.

The Harseldaarn, Heirs of Heroes - This second article details the most common tribes of the aquatic trolls, scrags, known as the Harseldaarn. Less savage than their Byeshk allies, the Harseldaarn tribes emulate heroes of the past. They are most often found in the Shadow Marches and the Thunder Sea.

The Kaaryshk, Warriors of the North - This third article explores the history, traditions and religions of the warrior clans known as the Kaaryshk. Respecting strength and skill, the Kaaryshk have long fought with the ogres and dwarves of the Mror Holds, Karrnath and the Lhazaar Principalities.

Droaamite Dread Shot - This latest article introduces the Droaamite Dread Shot, a prestige class for patriotic trolls who aren't afraid of heights.

Trolls of Eberron - Six troll variants to use in your 4E game, with two from each of the cultures detailed in the series.


Stand alone articles and other files.

Eneko Awakening - A collection of feats designed to develop the power that lies dormant in all eneko, that of the ogre mages.

UnCon Quori - A collection of 3e quori stats created by members of the WotC forum community for an UnCon competition. Unfortunately, the list of authors has been lost. If you created one of these monsters, please contact me so I can give credit where it's due. The Vatsulaq was created by user AvonRekaes, and the Tsuralaq by user ieattrollsforbreakfast.

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